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July 03, 2007


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» Sloggi's beautiful bicycling butts on a billboard from Go Clipless
Sloggi is well known for plastering underwear clad derrières on billboards throughout Europe. But during the Tour de France the ads become a bit more, shall we say, topical. Apparently the bicycling beauties first appeared in England during the 2002 [Read More]



Nice find!

Go, Vino!


wonderful images

absolutely wonderful!



that is


not blogslop



Couldn't agree more with you Sally. Tried SPD's as i was told it would improve my riindg- and i'd never been as terrified/unhappy riindg my bike than when riindg with SPD's! Some people say I shouldn't have given up but i didn't give up- it just confirmed to me that i'm a flatty through and through!Can't beat Five Tens for their grip by far the best flat pedal shoe i've used (with an old pair of Adidas Superstar trainers coming in at a surprisingly high second place!)

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